Video Tutorials

Quick Tips

  1. To upload documents or images: drag & drop them onto the page. Or you can upload using Media > Add New.
  2. To remove a block: select it first. Then hit the Backspace key. Or click on the 3 dots > Remove block.
  3. To delete a page: go to the gear icon > Page > Move to trash.

Crucial Tips

  1. Don’t post pictures of words. They are not ADA compliant.
  2. Add pages only. Don’t add posts.
  3. Don’t upload videos. Embed Vimeo or YouTube videos instead.
  4. Nest headings correctly. Blind users need them to navigate.
  5. Don’t Save draft. It will result in a 404 error for visitors.

Handy Tips

  1. To change any block settings: Go to the gear icon > Block.
  2. To add columns: Insert in the Columns block. Enter content into the columns or drag blocks in.
  3. To get a larger work area: Click on the 3 dots at the upper righthand corner. Then click on Fullscreen mode.
  4. To revert to an older version of a page: Go to the gear icon > Page > Revisions.
Screenshot of Revisions

Helpful Links

  1. WordPress Editor
  2. All About WordPress Blocks
  3. Columns Block

Public Website Tutorials

  1. Website Overview
  2. Editing a WordPress Page
  3. Smart Slider
  4. Navigation Menu
  5. Calendar
  6. Tables
  7. Getting Access
  8. Practice Exercise (fun and helpful)
  9. How to Update a Bell Schedule (popular)
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