How to Find the Listing of Non-Compliant PDFs

PDF checking in Siteimprove
  1. Log into your Siteimprove Platform
  2. On the left side menu, select Accessibility tab > PDFs
  3. Note: You will also receive a monthly report which will list the top 30 non-compliant PDFs.

What does Siteimprove look for in PDFs?

For the Quality Assurance report, Siteimprove checks for broken links in PDFs. For the Accessibility report, the following checks will be done:

  1. The document is not machine-readable
  2. The document is not tagged
  3. The document is missing a language definition
  4. The document has no title
  5. The document contains no headings
  6. The document has no bookmarks
  7. Document cannot be accessed by user agents
  8. The document contains untagged content
  9. The first heading is not a Heading 1
  10. The heading structure is incorrect
  11. The image has no alternative presentation
  12. The table has no table headings
  13. The form element does not have a label explicitly connected

Note: Only PDFs that are 20MB or lower will be checked.

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