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Every month, web liaisons and website managers for over 145 FUSD websites will receive an email report on their website’s accessibility and quality assurance. Web liaisons have access to the dashboard on Siteimprove. Web managers are report recipients only; access can be requested for the dashboard.

Video Tutorial: Fixing 3 Common Issues

Log into Siteimprove to Fix Issues

  1. Visit siteimprove.com
  2. Log in with your FUSD email address. Click on Forgot Password if you’ve never set the password or forgot.
  3. Go view the FUSD Web Liaison Dashboard to see your issues.
  4. On another tab or window, make sure you’re already logged into your school or department WordPress website.
  5. Click on the Edit in CMS button to easily open and edit the WordPress webpage with the issue.

Helpful Links on Siteimprove.com

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