Adding a Basic Event

  1. Go to My Calendar > Add Event.
  2. Fill in the Event Title.
  3. Fill out the Event Description.
  4. Select a category.
  5. Fill in Date and Time.
  6. If the event is recurring, fill in the Repetition Pattern.
Screenshot of Add Event

Video Tutorial: Adding a Recurring Calendar Event

When a recurring item is created, many events will be scheduled. To remove dates that land on holidays, open up the main item. Click on Edit All. Delete dates as needed.

Adding Categories

  1. Click on My Calendar > Categories
  2. Type in Category Name and choose a color.
  3. Click on Add Category.
  4. New Option:
    Add an icon for the category. Click on the ? to see the list to choose from. Paste in the .svg image name into the box.
  5. Click Save Changes when done.
Screenshot of category icon

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