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Please watch the video tutorial. Create a practice page on your own website with the following:

  1. Add a paragraph with a background color of yellow. Add a text link with the paragraph.
  2. Add four H2 headings and two H3 headings. Use the duplicate option to quickly create copies.
  3. Add an image with alt text. Use the handles to manually resize the image.
  4. Add 2 PDFs at a time by dragging / dropping into the page.
  5. Add an ordered list (numbered). Indent 2 items and make them unordered (bulleted).
  6. Copy and paste a small Excel table into your page.
  7. Add a MaxButton.
  8. Add a Columns Block with 3 columns. Put a video block inside the first column.
  9. Add a spacer block. Move it to the top of the page.
  10. Add a separator block.

Helpful Tips for Web Liaisons

Screenshot of wp-admin
  1. New to WordPress. When you’re first starting out, click on the blue + at top right to view all the blocks available. Check out Patterns, too. They’re nifty!
  2. Undo. To undo an action, you can use Ctrl + Z. Or you can click the back arrow at top of the toolbar.Undo button
  3. Copy/paste. Highlight the area you want to copy. Use Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste. You can copy/paste from many places:
    • On the same WordPress page
    • Between WordPress pages
    • Images or text from Word
    • Do not copy/paste images from websites, because that will link to that website’s image. If that website deleted that image, your image will be broken. Download the image first and upload to your website.
  4. Complex tables
    • Use Ninja Tables when you need a table that requires many columns and search.
    • Create the table in wp-admin, then find the Ninja Tables block within the page. Ask for help.
    • Do not use the basic WordPress table for many columns because it won’t be mobile-friendly. Test your website on your phone.
    • Ninja Tables tutorial
  5. Videos. Do not upload a video directly onto your website–use a video service like Vimeo or YouTube instead. Then use the Vimeo or YouTube block to embed the video.
  6. Simple gallery. Drag and drop 2 or more images into a page to instantly create a gallery. You’ll still have to click on them and add alt text in the Media Library.

Common Blocks


Layout Elements

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