If your website has a Ninja Table, go through this tutorial before changing the table.

Important Notes

  1. Be careful about deleting a Ninja table. They are immediately and permanently deleted. They don’t get stored in the trash can and cannot be retrieved.
  2. Hit Clear Cache at top right after you’ve edited a Ninja Table to see changes. Otherwise changes will be seen every hour. Special plugins like Ninja Tables and Smart Slider use server caching to speed up load times.

How to Create a New Ninja Table

Ninja Tables are powerful advanced tables that you can embed into a WordPress page.

Front End Editing of a Table

Here’s how to allow editing of a table directly on a webpage:

Within cells of a Ninja Table, you can upload files and link to them. Watch this video to see how.

How to Import Data Into a Ninja Table

You can add data using a spreadsheet (.csv file).

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