How to Log in

  1. You should receive an account in your email to log in. There is a Login link in the footer.
  2. Another way to get to the login page: Add /fusdlogin to the end of your site’s URL. Example:
  3. To create a new password, click on Lost your password? on the login page.

Accounts for New Web Liaisons

  • New web liaisons must have their site leader send an email to for permission to get a WordPress account.
  • Each web liaison will receive a Siteimprove Academy account. There is a limited number of licenses so each department or school can receive only one Siteimprove Academy account. Let the webmaster know who you are replacing.
  • Completion of three self-paced Siteimprove accessibility courses is required before access to WordPress can be granted. Please contact the webmaster for more information.
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