Note: Make sure you log in with your FUSD email & password. The Login button is at the top. All homepage items are located under the gear icon > Site Contents. You need to go there to edit.

What is the News Slider?

It is the top set of large pictures that rotate on the homepage. Each picture can link to a different webpage.

Minimum Expectations for School Websites

Load 1-3 current photos onto the News Slider. Link them to relevant updated webpages.

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

1. Click on the gear icon & select Site Contents. The gear icon is to the right of your name at the top.

Site Contents

2. In Site Contents, click on News Slider.

News Slider in Site Contents

3. Click on +new item.

4. Fill out required fields: Title, insert image, & check the Display Toggle box. If you forget to check the Display Toggle box, the image won’t show up on the homepage. Click Save when done.

Optional: add a URL to link to a website.

How to Insert an Image

Insert the image by clicking on Click here to insert a picture from SharePoint.

Click on add at top.

Select Choose File. Browse for your picture on your computer. When done, click OK.

Click Save.

Click on the image you just uploaded. A blue outline should appear. Then click Insert.

Crucial Steps:

Under Image Rendition, select News Slider Image (572 x 450). This will crop your image to fit the slider. If you want it to be exact, upload a 572 px by 450 px image. Then select Full Size as the Image Rendition.

Under Alternate Text, add a brief description of the image — it’s for ADA compliance.


Can I reorder the slides?
No, but you can edit them. They are ordered by date created.

How come my image was cropped?
An image is automatically cropped to fit the box if its original size is larger than the News Slider.

How can the image show up exactly as I want it — not cropped?
If you want the image to be exact, upload an image with these dimensions: 572 pixels wide by 450 pixels high. Then select Full Size as the Rendition. Don’t have PhotoShop? You can use Pixlr, a free online image editor.

Pixlr image editor

How many images can I put onto the News Slider?
The recommended number is 3 or fewer. The more images you have, the slower your page will load. Also, three is the optimal number of items for humans to process.

How to edit or delete an item?
Click the 3 dots to the right of the item. Click on Edit Item or Delete Item.

Editing item

How to replace the image?
Click on the image. It should turn blue. Hit the Delete or Backspace on the keyboard.

Replacing image
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