The Image Carousel is the smaller slide show that appears above Announcements. It’s similar to the News Slider except that three images slide each time.

Minimum Expectations for School Websites

Have 3-6 current photos on your Image Carousel.

Video Tutorial

How to Add a New Item

How to Replace an Image

Written Tutorial

1. Go to gear icon. Then click on Site Contents.

Site Contents

2. In Site Contents, click on Image Carousel.

Image Carousel in Site Contents

3. Click on + new item.

New item button

4. Click on “Click here to insert a picture from SharePoint” to put in image first. Go through the process of uploading an image.

Click on image you just uploaded to select it. Then click Insert button.

Under Image Rendition, choose Carousel Image (269 x 206). This resizes / crops the image to fit the box. See Helpful Tips below on how to create one that is exact and not cropped.

Under Alternate Text, write a short description of the image. This is for ADA compliance.

Click OK.

5. Fill out the rest of the fields for the item. The URL is the link for the item. Check the Display Toggle. Click Save when done.

Helpful Tips

  1. Why does my image looks so big on the back end?
    You forgot to select the correct Rendition. This will cause your page to load slowly. Select Carousel Image (269 x 206) as the Rendition when uploading image.
  2. How to get an image that isn’t cropped?
    Create an image that is 269 pixels wide by 206 pixels high. When uploading, under Image Rendition, select Full Size Image. If you don’t have an image editor to resize your image, use Pixlr.
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