Where Do Announcements Appear?

Announcements will appear on the bottom left of the homepage. The latest announcement will display first.

Minimum Expectations for School Websites

Add 1-3 current announcements.

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

1. Click on the gear icon. It’s next to your name at the top right. Then select Site Contents.

2. In Site Contents, click on Announcements. If you can’t find it, click the Name column header to sort A-Z.

3. Click on +New

4. Fill out the required fields: Title, Body, and Expires. Click Save at bottom when done.

When editing the Body. To save, click Edit > Save.

Helpful Tips

  • The first words of the Body will display on the homepage, so make it important.
  • Always start with about a few sentences of text. If you add a table or bulleted list near the beginning, it will not appear.
  • Expires = the day it disappears from the homepage.
  • URL = if you leave this blank, users can view the full Body of the announcement. Add a web address to link the title to another website.
  • To edit or delete an existing announcement, find it under Site Contents > Announcements. Hover over the title. Click on the 3 vertical dots to the right. Click Edit or Delete.

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